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We are enjoying ongoing software development to support a variety of project areas. These are briefly described below, in some cases with links to more detail, in case of interest.


Forest at Raja Berneh

Forest at Raja Berneh is a stochastic simulation of a jungle audio environment near Raja Berneh, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Recordings of the birds, siamangs (gibbons), and insects are used to create spatial behavior simulation of the forest. For this and a series of other biomes inspired by this project, Hear examples in Ecologies


Mural Sound Art

Earful is developing an Augmented Reality (A/R) mobile app called Earful Vision that adds prepared 3D sound and visual scenes to selected works of public visual art. Ash-har Quraishi and his team produced a wonderful TV spot on Teresa Parod's garage murals, some of which are treated with the app in this way: Artist beautifies alleys with garage murals boosted by augmented reality.  Read more...


Chicago Laboratory for Electro-Acoustic Theater

CLEAT is a 16 Channel spatial audio system developed by Stephen Moore for Elastic Arts, Chicago. Earful is designing theater and audio works for CLEAT that expand on its spatial audio pieces developed for mobile platforms and adapted for this theatrical space. Earful uses Max/MSP for sound dispersion in CLEAT's 16 channel 30' x 30' speaker matrix. Our Max/MSP code for this is available on GitHub.  Read more..​.

Narrative Arts


These are collaborative efforts in audio poetry with poet, Lynn McGee. Examples of these soundtracks for McGee's poems can be heard in Narrative Arts. Some of this work has been published in the poetry journals,  Atticus Review and The Night Heron Barks.


Instruments and Toys

Filament Surge used flocking, flight simulator, and roller coaster motion to animate 1980s pinball game sounds in a mobile phone app. We used similar animations to spatialize the sound of subway trains, lake surf, violin textures, and bird call in recent poetry soundtracks. This project area builds on that work to manipulate real-time sound art using sensors available in typical mobile phone. These apps range across finely expressive musical instruments, personal immersive listening experiences, and simple but addictively unpredictable sound toys. 

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