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Wayang Kulit - Balinese Shadow Puppet Theater

I Gusti Ngurah Kertayuda is one of Bali's most respected master dancers and the director of Indonesian Dance of Illinois. His charismatic performances have been well received throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States. A graduate of the National Performing Arts Institute (KOKAR) in Denpasar, Indonesia, he is well versed in the many forms of traditional dance and music from Indonesia.  

Mr. Kertayuda is also Balinese Wayang Kulit Dalang - a master of Balinese shadow puppetry. He performs wayang kulit spoken and sung in Sanskrit from the epic poetry of The Mahabharata and The Ramayana. In 2020 and 2021, Mr. Kertayuda recorded the instrumental and vocal parts for a single wayang kulit episode with recording engineer, Alex Inglizian at Experimental Sound StudioThose recordings, along with field recordings for ambience and dramatic events were arranged and spatialized by Bill Parod in the piece Yudha Hati, and presented at the 30-channel SONIC PAVILION FESTIVAL 2021 in The Jay Pritzker Pavilion of Millennium Park, Chicago.


A 16-channel configuration with Pak Ngurah performing Wayang Kulit and Topeng dance live is scheduled for May 13, 2022, at Elastic Arts, Chicago.

The following video, combines a stereo mixdown of the Yudha Hati soundtrack with video of the recording sessions for Mr. Kertayuda at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago during 2020 and 2021.

“Yudha Hati” means fighting with heart through joy, sadness, and death. The story is from the Sanskrit epic Ramayana and tells of the conflict between rival siblings Sugriva and Subali, the turmoil their ongoing war inflicts on the forest animals, and the alliance of gods Rama and Hanuman formed to restore peace to the kingdom. An expansive cast of gods, birds, monkeys, and environmental forces are heard with Balinese gamelan and Dalang in this animated forest drama.


I Gusti Ngurah Kertayuda - Instrumental and vocal performances, sound design

Bill Parod - Spatial mixing software, field recording, and sound design

Alex Inglizian - Recording engineer for all instrumental and vocal tracks, Experimental Sound Studio

Video by Bill Parod

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