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Painter Teresa Parod and Composer and Software Developer Bill Parod have been collaborating on multi-media public art. Their work combines mural paintings with situated spatial music and sound art using a custom Augmented Reality mobile app.

Crossroads is a new project to bring this approach into a gallery setting by combining Teresa Parod's paintings with associated works of Bill Parod's spatial music, realized in a multichannel exhibition space.  Each of the Crossroads paintings contribute interacting spatial music to the gallery space when viewed with the Crossroads AR mobile app. The music is formed from animal and musical characters interacting in the 3D personal space of the mobile app and also heard in the shared space of the gallery through multichannel speaker dispersion, forming an interplay of visual, aural, and viewer/listener participation. 


The first Crossroads AR gallery exhibit will be at Ircam Workshop on VR/AR, Spring 2023 at Ircam, Paris, France. 

An example scene for one of the paintings is show immediately below. Other paintings by Teresa Parod prepared for similar musical AR treatment are below that. 

The AR app is built using the Unity Game Engine, sending OSC messages of audio characters' sound file and position information to a central computer running Max/MSP/Spat5 for multichannel 3D dispersion in the gallery space. Dolby Atmos object-based dispersion is anticipated later in 2023 for consumer audio installations in smaller galleries.

Paintings by Teresa Parod prepared for Crossroads AR image recognition.


Augmented Reality (AR) screenshots by Teresa Parod (painting) and Bill Parod (sound art)

Midwestern Birds by Teresa Parod

This A/R scene is over “Midwestern Birds”, a mural named for content chosen by the owners of the garage. The bird sound and model are from the "Temperate Forest" model described in "Earful | Ecologies

Trianon by Teresa Parod

This A/R scene is over “Trianon”, a mural named for a cafe in Alexandria, Egypt and reminiscent of one in New Orleans. Crowd sounds, passing motorbikes, restaurant sounds of plates and cutlery and New Orleans music are part of the soundtrack. The music was recorded in a Bywater vacant lot after an unofficial parade in New Orleans during Carnival season. The combination of its "New Orleans Sound" and Arabic scales makes it a perfect music for this New Orleans / Alexandria mural.  If anyone recognizes or participated in the music, please contact me. I would love to seek your permission and know who to credit. 

Solar System by Teresa Parod

The owners of this garage wanted a space theme and liked the proposed image. The A/R was looking for a universal message and it is translated here into 8 languages by Google Translate and spoken in various voices from AWS Poly.

Bali by Teresa Parod

This mural patron wanted a scene with palms.  The mural, "Bali" by Teresa Parod depicts a Balinese landscape. The soundscape is made from various sounds recorded in Bali, including geckos, motorbikes, cremation procession, and bats.

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