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Exophony is a 14-minute experimental film set on a vibrantly expressive exoplanet. The beauty of sound and color coalesces into a captivating narrative of life in a sentient world. 


The film features interacting species created from phrases of violin improvisation and fragments of Teresa Parod’s Crossroads paintings. Their behaviors form unique interplay across species and with those of neighboring birds. The intricate and sometimes dense tapestry of life produces sometimes harmonious and sometimes complex little dramas in witness to their overall relationships and ecologies. 


The film is an exploration of group communication and coexistence, blending the familiar with the fantastical, and inviting viewers into a world where music and color intertwine in natural and extraordinary ways, offering a meditation on the diversity and interconnectedness of life in the vast expanse of the universe.

Exophony will be released in video and mobile app form in 2024. 

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