Green Leaves


I started to design and share software for musical quests embodied in sound toys, instruments, and listening experiences. Earful explores these across a range of musical, place, and spoken word projects, using piece-specific software, interactive 3D platforms, and spatial audio immersion. 


For composition projects, I'm lately focused on narrative works in a collaboration with poet Lynn McGee. Our recent audio poems have been published in Atticus Review and The Night Heron Barks. These and others can be heard in Earful | Listening | Narrative Arts.


In improvisation (violin, piano, and software), I enjoy opening to the freshness of fleeting raw perfection that is sometimes met in spontaneous music. That freshness, interacting with simple characters' behavior, is the focus of my current interest in musical "ecologies". Some examples can be heard in Earful | Listening | Ecologies and Earful | Development | "Instruments and Toys".

There is always other work also underway. These project areas are described in Earful | Development and its linked pages.

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Bill Parod