After many years as a software developer, working on cultural heritage projects, I have in recent years returned to my first and persistent love of music composition and improvisation.


As a composer I often think of the natural spontaneity and balance of forest ambiance, with the large and small dramas and expressive beauty of the living things there. Compositionally, this has lead me to a behavior-based approach to envisioning and creating musical ideas. In recent work on bird groups, I have tried to mimic the interactions of different species by observing their social behavior. This involves grouping species, their evident behavioral states, the recorded sounds representing those states, and their behavioral tendencies, as they transition through these states in response to other animals. This seems like a natural approach for mimicking bird behavior and their wonderfully musical dramas. It seems to work well also for envisioning and creating the music I would like to hear articulated with broader sound palettes and instruments.


As an improviser (violin and piano) I just enjoy the journey into those feelings where communication and the places it goes are at once surprising and fleeting and somehow delicately perfect.


As a software developer, I started earful.be to design and share software for these efforts embodied in sound toys, instruments, and music. Earful does this across a range of improvisation, composition, public art, and spoken word projects, using piece-specific behaviors, interactive 3D software, spatial audio, and mobile devices.