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Green Leaves


I started Earful to create and share interactive music embodied in mobile apps and listening experiences.


I explore individual expression and the dynamics of collective drama in aural experiences formed from characters defined by behavior. These characters express themselves and interact with other characters through composed behavioral models. Performing "behavior" composition is a cross between musical scoring, story-boarding, detailed cast list development, and spatial world-design. The resulting manifestations take the form of mobile phone instruments, immersive spatial sound installations, audio-poetry, sound walks, and visual art augmented-reality.  

The inspiration for this came from listening to birds and the spontaneous drama they offer - individually, but especially collectively, across multiple species. Their expressions of calm, urgency, invitation, intimidation, and spatial claim are just some examples of the expressiveness and group dynamics that provide very natural, well-paced theater. While "behavior" composition might seem uniquely fitting for creating bird soundscapes, my current focus is on creating behavior-based musics, sounded not with birds, but with instruments and other sonic palettes.


To implement this, I developed real-time 3D spatial sound software built on a modern game platform. This affords many types of realization, interaction, and hybridization. For example, current projects of mobile phone instruments, spatial sound installations, audio-poetry, sound walks, and visual art augmented reality are presented on this site. I hope you enjoy them.

And there is always other work underway at various stages of completion. These project areas are described in Development and its linked pages.

Please say hello if you would like to connect, or just share interest.


Thank you for visiting,

Bill Parod

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