Bill Parod CV

Recent creative work
2022 Artist Fellowship - Digital Arts - Finalist Award, Illinois Arts Council Agency

2021 Sonic Pavillion Festival, Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Millennium Park, Chicago
2021 Imaginary Birds of Lurie audio walk
2021 Bioluminescence Can Be Ours, Atticus Review audio poetry.
2020 My Seven-Season Friendship With A Russian Spy, Atticus Review audio poetry
2020 Who I Was Before We Met, The Night Heron Barks audio poetry
2019 Artist beautifies alleys with garage door murals boosted by augmented reality, A/R sound-art
2018 The Ears Have Walls: A Survey of Sound Games, VGA Gallery / Experimental Sound Studio

Digital Library projects with various partners

2014 Developing an Analytics Dashboard for Coursera MOOC Discussion Forums, CNI Fall Meeting

2013 Collection Interoperability Hub (CI Hub) architecture and implementation, Project Bamboo

2012 Chronopolis Audit Report, Center For Research Libraries

2011 Certification Report on HathiTrust Digital Repository, Center for Research Libraries

2010 XForms for Libraries, An Introduction, code{4}lib Journal
2009 The Humphrey Winterton Collection of East African Photographs: 1860-1960 
2007-2008 Monk Project, scholarly text Analysis
2006 Wordhoard - Early Modern English morphology in Shakespeare and Spenser
2005 Encycopedia of Chicago digital edition
2002 Vesalius - On The Fabric of the Human Body translation digital edition
1998-2002 Mellon International Dunhuang Archive - Bilingual digital library of Dunhuang Buddhist Cave Art
1997/2002 The Chicago Homer - Interlinear Epic Greek Poetry with morphology and repeated phrase analysis

Early creative work

1991 Ubud - Cmix Musique concrète performed at International Computer Music Conference, Montreal

1990 Just - A Tuning System Laboratory for the NeXT Computer, International Computer Music Conference, Glasgow

1989 Satellite #2, CSound piece broadcast on Stereochemistry: The NeXT Show, KPFA-FM, Berkeley, CA

1980s Nga Jiwa Ensemble - Music and Instruments by Scott Harris, with David Thomas, Philip Galanter, and Doug McCombs

1980s Audio synthesis and OS software for Williams Electronics, Games (High Speed, Pinbot, Comet, others)

1980s ROBOTRON:2084 for TI99/4A, AtariSoft

1980s Audio Verité - Cassette tape label releasing recorded environments from S. Pacific and S.E. Asia

1980s UCLA African Music and Dance Ensemble - Kobla Ladzekpo, Director