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Digital art exhibit

Game Tech @ CLEAT

Animating a 30 Channel Recording

The music for the Balinese Shadow Puppet performance, Yudha Hati was performed by I Gusti Ngurah Kertayuda and recorded at Experimental Sound Studio by Alex Inglizian. Each instrument was dubbed separately by Mr. Kertayuda, yielding 30 separate instrument tracks. This recording formed the musical basis for a shadow puppet performance with forest animals, a monkey army, and roaring thunder - all animated across CLEAT's 16-channel speaker grid. To animate the gamelan, each instrument was positioned in a 3D layout and grouped for choreographed movement. The groups were moved, scaled, rotated, and spiraled using a Unity 3rd-party animation library. 

Unity Scene: Earful Birds / CLEAT Wayang (Turn off objects; Turn on Yudha Hati Gamelan)

Max Patch: billparod/Documents - iMac/spatialization-max/CLEAT30ChanFinleInSpat.maxpat

Reaper File

Animating Flocks of Birds, Troops of Gibbons, Thunder and Rain - 

Unity Scene: Earful Birds / CLEAT Wayang (Turn different groups (Sumatra Birds, Siamangs, Taveuni

Max Patch: CLEATOut50MonoChansInLPF

Flock animation of instruments;

Unity Scene: Earful Birds / TopengOSC

Max Patch: CLEATTopengSpat


Behavioral Model - Observing the Natural World

Lurie Garden Walk


Animating CLEAT Speakers Around a Larger Stage

Unity Scene: Earful Core / CLEAT May 2022

Max Patch: CLEATOut50MonoChansInLPF


Ubud field recordings.

Max/MSP Sound Dispersion for CLEAT and other speaker geometries and encodings.

Musical/Theatrical Behaviors - Behavioral Ensembles and Live Interaction

Unity Scene: Cent-tet/Cent-tetSplashScene

Max Patch: CLEAT200StereoAndMonoChansIn


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